Friday, September 20, 2013

*Lurve* Romantic Ruffles Formal

The Romantic Ruffles Formal comes in 7 colors. A wonderful lace texture covers the bodice and lower ruffly skirt. Comes with a necklace and matching bracelet. Come see the formal and pick up one for yourself here:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

*Lurve* Brooke's V-Front Formal

Formal mesh gowns in bright jeweled colors. The jewelry is lovely and a must-see.

*Lurve* Jasmyn's Beach Day Full Outfit

What is a day at the beach without your most cumfy bikini and old matching shorts? With this fun outfit you get a Bikini top and bottom, mesh shorts, mesh beach hat, mesh sunglasses, jewelry, and flip flops! Lola Tango appliers available for the bikini top too!

*Lurve* Luscious Cutout Mini

So many colors to choose from .. why not choose them all in the phat pack! With a partial mesh skirt and Lovely matching Necklace and Earings. Come see it now at the *Lurve* main shop on the Southend sim ...