Saturday, December 21, 2013

*Lurve* Holiday Cheer Mesh Mini

Get your skates on! Time for some winter fun in your sexy & sweet mesh Mini Skirt and Jacket. Comes in 5 sizes each to fit you well. The Ice Skates are loaded with an AO-compatible ice skating animation. Of course you have to wear the matching ear muffs to keep the winter nip away. Comes in 6 colors and a Phat Pack is available with a discount. Lola Tango Appliers come in a Phat Pack, too!

*Lurve* Christmas Gifts Mini

Loving this double layered Mesh Christmas top! The matching Mesh Skirt comes in 5 sizes, too, so it fits you right. There is a lot of style in the Gartered Stockings, and you get 2 versions. The Ankle'd Stockings go over shoes with prim feet. The regular Stockings look great with pumps or boots. A matching mesh scarf is re-sizable and keeps you warm! A Phat Pack is available, as well as the Stockings packs. Enjoy <3

Monday, October 14, 2013

*Lurve* Halloween Twerk Mini!

"Will Twerk For Candy" your mesh top proudly states. This adorable mesh top tied up high to show off your tummy comes with a lacy, feminine Mini Skirt and matching mesh boots with rolled down socks. Phat pack available. Come see this at the *Lurve* store here ~

Saturday, October 5, 2013

*Lurve* Men's Argyle Vest and Shirt

Who couldn't use a fresh starched white mesh shirt. After a long day of poolside bathing, thwarting dragons (sorry dragons), or miscellaneous chicanery, there is nothing like slipping into a starched white shirt and a two layered vest. Included are non mesh adjustable black pants. Come see the outfit  and pick up one for yourself or as a gift here:

*Lurve Silk Strapped Mini!

The mini version of the Silk Strapped formal, this dress has a style of its own! Like the formal, you get the modest and well as perky versions of the top, Lola Tango applier hud, and lovely pearled jewelry. A little mesh skirt moves with your movements. Come see this mini and pick up one for yourself here:

*Lurve* Silk Strapped Formal

A single strap sets this silky formal gown with a very sexy look. The pearl buttons at your right hip gather this gown's skirt for a lovely leg revealing view. This gown comes with an optional train skirt, for a little extra swish in your dance step, and gorgeous tiered pearl jewelry. Lola Tango appliers hud included with this gown as well as modest top and perky top choices. Available in 7 colors. Come see the formal and pick up one for yourself here:

Friday, September 20, 2013

*Lurve* Romantic Ruffles Formal

The Romantic Ruffles Formal comes in 7 colors. A wonderful lace texture covers the bodice and lower ruffly skirt. Comes with a necklace and matching bracelet. Come see the formal and pick up one for yourself here: